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Gruevski's reputation is left hanging. Vasko is Free!

Victory for Human Rights in FYROM! Gruevski's reputation is left hanging. Vasko is Free!

Miltiades Elia Bolaris
Vasko Gligorijevic (Васил Глигоров), a blogger, archaeologist, philosopher and graduate student of history at Skopje's UKIM University in FYROM is free again!

His disappearance on July 4, 2009, following a distressed message he had sent a day earlier to his trusted friends in Greece, had left the supporters of constitutional and human rights in that country and elsewhere wondering if they will ever see him alive.

The police had initially taken him in at the Tetovo prison. Once word came out and he was located, they shuffled him from prison to prison in a effort to erase his tracks. Then, Gulag style, in the best traditions of Hitlerism and Stalinism, Gruevski's regime committed Vasko into the notorious Bardovci (Бардовци) psychiatric clinic.

This was the second time they did this. The first time was in January 28th, 2009, when they had locked Mr. Grigorijevic in Bardovci for more than a month and a half until the international pressure had become unbearable and too embarrassing for the European credentials masquerading the "democratic" facade of Skopje's pseudo-Makedonist regime.

Why is Vasko Gligorijevic considered such a threat to VMRO-DPMNE's rule? He is a man that in November of 2008 spearheaded the established of the Slavic Philhellenic Network (Словенска Филхеленска Мрежа). He called on his compatriots to search into their soul and find their true roots, away from the pseudo-scientific propaganda that is being fed to them for the last 60 plus years. As a historian he declared that:

"The Hellenic character of Macedonia, our own Slavic national character, which ties in to the common Bulgarian cultural part with the existence of important traditional Serbian demographic and cultural elements, is being strongly documented in the archaeological artifacts, the linguistic findings and the historical sources.".

Just before Christmas 0f 2008 the Slavic Philhelelnic Network filled downtown Skopje with a small poster-declaration in which it called on the people of FYROM to overcome the ethnic hatred and cultural venom they are constantly being fed by their regime against their neighbors, in Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria, a hatred born of their fake "Macedonist" pseudo-identity, and called on them to accept their true ethnic character, being proud of their Slavic descent:

"Long live our Slavic Character! Macedonia is one and it is Greek!"

This brought VMRO-DPMNE's regime into neurotic hysteria that led, a few weeks later to Vasko's arrest without a warrant. They rushed Vasko into illegal politically motivated detainment in the infamous Bardovci (Бардовци) Psychiatric clinic.

You cannot lie to all the people all the time, Lincoln had said. This is becoming true by the day in this Balkan backwater of the European continent that retains for itself the characteristics of a typical central Asian Turkic republic. It is governed by an all powerful Party, the pseudo-Makedonist VMRO-DPMNE. The Party is elected in fraud laden elections where dozens of people are shot and one or two die. Rampant electoral fraud, embarrasses the EU monitors of the "Democratization" of FYROM into declaring that "there are numerous problems that need to be resolved before FYROM can receive an invitation to join the EU".

Vasko kept on writing, reporting and blogging and exposing the pseudo-makedonist facade of Nikola Gruevski's fascist style regime. Many of his articles appeared in English in the American Chronicle:


Articles like:

The Rosetta Stone Hoax: Pseudomacedonism's Sharpest Tool

December 24, 2008

University Education in FYROM: The Production of Pseudomacedonian Historiography

December 09, 2008

VMRO Reign in FYROM: Europe's Only Modern-Day Fascist Regime

December 07, 2008

Slavic Settlement in Povardarje (FYROM) Reviewed: History, Ethnology and Modern Politics

December 03, 2008

FYROM: How a Lie was Imposed as a Supreme Reality

November 30, 2008

The Early Pseudomacedonism: A Legacy of Bulgarian Irredentism

November 26, 2008

The Basic Narrative of Pseudomacedonian Ideology

November 21, 2008

Serbs in FYROM: Historical Presence and the Current Status

November 17, 2008

Titus Livius, J.S. Gandeto and the Misrepresentation of Macedonian History

November 15, 2008

The Anatomy of a Big Lie: Nationalistic Ideology and FYROM

November 15, 2008,

and many others.

On June 27th Mr Grigorijevic sent his personal and political Greetings to the 63rd Greek-American convention of the Pan Macedonian Association – USA, held alongside the 10th World Congress of Greek Macedonians, convened in the ancient town of Dion, the sacred Macedonian city of Zeus, in Olympus. Vasko sent his Greeting to the conventioneers with the wish that Greeks and Slavs of the Balkan peninsula who have lived next to each other for so many centuries as friends, partners and neighbors, should not follow the hate-filled messages emanating from the ultra-nationalist and mafia-connected rulers of Skopje. Mr. Gligorijevic described himself as a Philhellene, a friend of Greeks. His Greetings, published in Greek, can be read here:
http://www.panmacedonian.info/vasko_63rd_GR.htm .

A week later, on July 3, 2009, Vasko sent an urgent message to a friend of his in Greece:

"I may be arrested again. I know that from my sources. Please check me on this email in the next 12 hours. Do not alert nobody for now, please, it is not certain. But do check me every 12 hours for few days. If repeatedly do not answer in next hours or days, I´m dead, I´m gone".

A campaign to liberate him from the clutches of the fascist regime of Mr. Gruevski was immediately set in. Articles were written on his behalf: www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/111888

Facebook blogs were started:


Most importantly, a Greek-American delegation of seven prominent Macedonian Greeks like Human Rights Activist Mr Stavros Vitalis of Thessaloniki and Greek American Macedonians like the President of the "Panmacedonian" professor of Classics Nina Gatzouli of the University of New Hampshire, in Durham, NH, set off for Skopje. They immediately met with the American ambassador and the vice President of the the administration and then went to talk to the Bardovski Psychiatric Clinic officials, who obviously felt uneasy about their enforced role in this political fiasco. The delegation of the "seven" declared that they will not leave Skopje before they secure Mr. Gligorijevic's release from Gruevski's Gulag. Three days later, Vasko was free and in an upbeat message he declared:

"Vasko Gligorijevic is again free and in good general health. Be informed that his will, convictions, morale and clarity of reason and mind are strong. He was incarcerated involuntarily and illegitimately with regard to the cause, domestic Constitution, relevant laws and medico-legal procedures in the "Bardovci" psychiatric hospital from 04th of July to 01th of August 2009. Political arrest is certainly the name of the game.

The perversion of the case history which shall be offered by the regime's mouthpieces, belonging to the very same regime which invented a perversion of an entire national history should not be considered credible at all. Vasko continues his temporarily halted activism in full understanding that the circumstances radically changed and that they demand adaptation on which future action should be based, as a condition for any beneficial effect.

In light of the aforementioned situation, he is determined to pursuit his goals as an activist, publicist and philosopher as strongly as ever He is currently in Skoplje and available for contact at his email: vasko.gligorijevic@live.com .

He extends his gratitude to all individuals who launched the international campaign for his release from the imprisonment facilitated by Europe's most totalitarian and absurdist regime: activist, bloggers, publicists, journalists and others, with a special gratitude to Ms. Nina Gatzoulis and Mr. Stavros Vitalis, who visited the Balkan gulag of FYROM in defense of the norms on which the civilized world is based."

The absolute rule of the ultra-nationalist, fascist-,leaning VMRO-DPMNE Party and Nikola Gruevski / Никола Груевски in particular, have met a reversal in their campaign of historic deception, ethnic intolerance, tribal hatred, and use of ultra-nationalist excuses to unleash internal terror, arrests and internment in prisons and psychiatric clinics against its citizens and political critics. You can only deed your unemployed youth with grandiose statues of ancient Greek kings (renamed proto-Slavic by the pseudoMacedonists) up to a point. Alexander the Great will not bring the jobs and prosperity to this poor, land locked and mafia run country. FYROM needs solutions, and if the governing rulling party cannot bring them in, they will be swept from power like so many other papers towers that collapsed without a trace, in the Balkans and elsewhere, no matter how much their terror and deception lasted. It is a matter of time, and time for the rule of VMRO-DPMNE is running fast out.

Vasko Gligorijevic's release is a great victory for the Slavic people, the majority population of FYROM. Nikola Gruevski, his VMRO-DPMNE party and their fake pseudo-Macedonist ideologies are now left hanging.

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